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Use the diagrams below to complete information requested.  Enter your measurements in the  boxes provided.  All measurements must be in inches and accurate.  We make your cover to fit your measurements and will not take responsibility for incorrect measurements.
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Once your form is received, measurements will be checked and you will receive an estimate via email.  Then, send a reply either accepting or rejecting the estimate.  If accepted, you will receive an invoice.You may pay online, call, or send a check.  
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Allign your cover so the hinge is parallel to side A before entering measurements..
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Straps and handles will be placed on the A sides,  one handle in the center with one strap on each end, unless otherwise noted.  Choose an option below:
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Completion time running 4-5 weeks due to spa season!  Order now!
Due to intense demand Rhino Hot Tub Covers are not being manufactured at this time while we assess our needs for facility and manpower.

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