The same strong, durable Rhino Cover  construction now sports the patent pending Snow Free technology core which virtually eliminates the need for snow removal.

Perfect for your permanent residence or second home.  No worry about heavy snow build up, or the need for snow removal.  Your spa is ready when you are!

The passive heat construction requires no electricity.  It's safe!  For a few extra dollars a month, your hot tub stays Snow Free!

Snow Free
After a day on the slopes, or first thing in the morning, your hot tub is ready!  Why shovel?  Just enjoy!!  
It's simple, really!  Using a small amount of the heat from your hot tub, the Snow Free Cover melts the snow as it falls on the cover. (above)

Even in the worst of storms, the Snow Free Cover will continue to melt the snow, with the residual quickly melting off as the storm eases, just in time for you to enjoy an after storm soak! (right)

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$1199 (.Rhino Cover up to 8' x 8' square)
$1599  (Rhino Snow Free Model up to 8' x 8')
All covers over these dimensions require an estimate.