How is the Rhino Cover different than other covers on the market?         ~Rhino covers are rhino tough!  
The patent pending wood/Styrofoam laminate is reinforced with steel channel .  This strong composite holds up to heavy loads which cause sagging and breaking on traditional covers.  The coating on the Rhino Cover is a truck bed coating.  It will resist weathering, snow removal  and pet and animal destruction.  The  PVC coated vinyl on the bottom is the same material used to make swimming pool covers .  All materials are chemical and UV resistant.  The best part?  It is repairable!

What is the insulating value?~Rhino Covers are energy efficient!  
We rate our panels at R13.  Many cover companies will try to talk you into buying an upgraded thicker foam core, stating that you will get better insulation.  You may get a bit better R value, but you will not get better energy savings.  Rhino spent most of its research and development dollars on designing a good fitting cover that seals itself to the bar top, and a hinge that will not allow heat to escape. 

Is it heavy?~Rhino Covers are amazingly light!  
The Rhino Cover weighs approximately .8 lbs per square foot.  Though they are a little heavier than a NEW vinyl cover,  the vinyl cover will gain that weight in water very quickly and will continue to gain as time passes. Since the Rhino Cover is completely sealed, under normal circumstances, it will not saturate and get heavy.

Will the Rhino Cover work with my existing cover lifter?~Rhino covers are versatile! 
Yes!  Even the cover lifter that screws into the side of the cover will work once you have sealed the screw holes with the sealant we provide.

Can you walk on it?~Rhino covers are strong!  
You could walk on it but, we would not recommend this as we want your cover to last a long, long time.

Will the Rhino Cover get heavy?~Rhino covers are completely sealed!  
A traditional vinyl cover allows water to permeate the top of the cover via the stitching and needs grommet holes on the underneath to allow for the water to drain.  This is a problem, as the holes also allow chlorine and other chemical gasses to get into the cover and degrade the plastic that the foam core is sealed in.  Then, it continues to degrade the Styrofoam.  Water soaks the core and it becomes saturated and heavy.  Since the Rhino Cover is sealed, water does not get in, does not need to be drained out and there is no chemical gas to degrade the core.  Under normal circumstances, your cover will not become saturated and heavy.

Is there a warranty?~Rhino Spa Covers stands behind our product!  
There is a five year manufacturing defect warranty.  The first two years are a full replacement warranty.  After determination that the problem is due to poor manufacturing will either fix your cover or replace it.  We do ask that you get the cover to us.

Rhino Covers are tough, energy efficient, light, versatile and strong!
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Due to intense demand Rhino Hot Tub Covers are not being manufactured at this time while we assess our needs for facility and manpower.

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