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It is believed that formaldehyde in traditional vinyl covers attracts bears. Rhino Covers have replaced many covers destroyed by bears.  Though the bears have returned, no Rhino Covers have been reported as damaged or destroyed.
Rhino Covers are the answer to your hot tub cover pet problem!  We have had no reported problems with pets ruining a Rhino!!
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Total weight on front half...620lbs. Total weight on back half...353 lbs..overall weight load...973lbs!!!   No more broken cores!
Five Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty!
$1199 (.Rhino Cover up to 8' x 8' square)
$1599  (Rhino Snow Free Model up to 8' x 8')
All covers over these dimensions require an estimate.
Rhino Spa Lock
The answer to inground safety!
The Rhino Spa Lock is available for flush mount and portable spas.  Cover attaches with plastic coated steel cables secured by a cam lock.  Baseplate is self draining!
Finally a hard hot tub cover that will hold up to the elements!

Suitable for Portable Spas and In Ground Spas!

We have an answer to all common hot tub cover problems!

Shipping available within the continental U.S. and Canada
Due to intense demand Rhino Hot Tub Covers are not being manufactured at this time while we assess our needs for facility and manpower.

If you are interested in purchasing our product patents (Rhino Cover and Rhino Spa Lock) please contact: